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Top 14 work from home nursing jobs in the UK? - Duties

Nurse working from home using digital platforms for interaction with patients

Best 14 work from home nurse jobs professionals can do from anywhere

In the last few years nursing has changed to include jobs where you can work from home, especially in the United Kingdom. Because technology keeps getting better, nurses can now help people without leaving their houses. In most cases, a nurse works with a patient directly, but other jobs are there where they can work from home. Nursing is a special job where people take care of others in order to help them remain healthy or recover. Learning about these remote jobs could help if you want to switch from working directly with patients to working from a distance.  

What are nurse work-from-home positions?

1) Clinical nursing instructor

An online nursing instructor helps students learn nursing using the internet. They teach lessons, give tests, grade assignments and make sure students understand their grades. They also plan what students will learn and work with others to improve the nursing program. If students have problems, they help solve them with other teachers.  

2) Telephone triage nurse

Busy hospitals and doctors sometimes use phones to do triage. This means skilled nurses talk to patients on the phone, check their symptoms and suggest what to do before they come in for treatment. Triage nurses can help patients with their questions, which stops them from making unnecessary trips to the clinic. This also helps keep other healthcare workers and support staff focused on the patients who are already there. 

3) Nurse educator

This cool new part of healthcare uses technology to make patient care better and improve the healthcare system. Informatics is about finding smart and new ways to use technology, communication, and healthcare systems to improve things for everyone. Telehealth, telemedicine, and electronic health records are some examples of this within nursing informatics. 

As a nursing informaticist you can work as a nursing advisor who can give advice from a nurse's point of view about new technology. You might help make databases to keep track of how patients are doing. You could also create computer programs to help other healthcare workers take care of patients better. 

4) Medical call centre nurse

A medical call center nurse is someone who assists healthcare organizations by answering incoming calls. They give medical advice, assess the urgency of a situation over the phone and answer medical questions. They also help patients schedule appointments and figure out if they need urgent care. These nurses keep records of calls and assist with insurance checks. They can work for insurance companies or doctors’ offices.  

5) Nurse recruiter

The primary duty of nurse recruiter is to find people to work as nurses in hospitals. They will check backgrounds and talk to potential nurses. They also help with job ads and CVs, and they answer questions from people applying for nursing jobs. They work with managers to make sure they get good candidates. The typical yearly salary for them is £30,005. 

6) Nurse course developer

A nurse course developer is someone who makes plans for nursing classes. They look at what's already there, decide how courses should be set up, and make teaching materials. They also figure out what goals the courses should have. They look at what's happening in the nursing world and see how courses can keep up. They also look at who's taking the classes and how they learn best. They can work at schools or companies that offer online nursing classes.  

7) Clinical research nurse

A clinical research nurse works on testing new medicines and treatments. They give medicines and take care of patients during tests. They plan how tests will work, oversee them, and teach others about them. They write reports on what they find and talk about it at meetings. They also find people to take part in tests and write articles about their work. 

8) Registered nurse case manager

A registered nurse case manager makes sure healthcare places run well. They plan healthcare for employers, follow doctor orders, and give good healthcare. They check new patients, make sure insurance pays for treatment, and teach patients about their options. They support patients emotionally too. Sometimes, they work for insurance companies to help patients get what they need. They talk with families and healthcare workers to decide what's best for patients.  

9) Nurse care coordinator

A nurse coordinator makes sure patients get the right care from medical teams. They make plans for care, teach patients about their health, and listen to what patients need. They work with doctors and teams to plan treatments. Nurse coordinators check how patients are doing, keep records updated, and send patients to other specialists if needed. They often talk to patients and families about treatments and diagnoses. 

10) Utilisation review nurse

A utilisation review nurse is someone who makes sure that the medical files checked by doctors are good quality. They look at patient records, review cases often, and talk to patients about their treatment. Based on their research, they suggest if the care given matches the patient's condition. These nurses go through patient records and bills to suggest the right use of medical resources. They also figure out how long patients should stay in the hospital and if the treatment is working well. 

11) Diabatic educator 

A diabetic educator nurse teaches diabetic patients and their families about the condition and how to handle it. They help patients make plans to control their blood sugar levels and teach them how to keep track of their health. These nurses also explain test results and give tips on preventing diabetes. 

12) Insurance nurse

An insurance nurse talks to patients about their health plans and medicines. They check what patients need and explain about insurance rules and payments. They look at medical records to see if they match insurance rules. They teach insurance companies about medical stuff and run training sessions. They also do interviews and handle online HR tasks. 

13) Freelance nurse writer

A freelance nurse writer is someone who shares their medical experiences through writing to teach others about healthcare. They write articles for blogs, social media and websites. Their main job is to edit their work, meet deadlines and follow client rules. They use their knowledge to write about different health topics. They talk to patients to understand how to write about them accurately and interview reliable sources for their articles. 

14) Nurse informaticist specialist

A nurse informaticist specialist is someone who uses advanced data and technology to help patients get good care. They handle patient information, make sure electronic records are accurate, and look for ways to improve care using data. These specialists study healthcare stats, check how well new treatments work and keep up with the latest medical techniques.

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