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Is Nurses Group the highest paid nursing agency in the UK in 2024?

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Nurses Group is the UK's highest-paid nursing agency in 2024

With the ongoing nursing shortage and nurses strike  in the UK, healthcare workers are in complete disarray. This is where nursing agencies like Nurses Group can help. Nursing agencies can assist healthcare facilities in filling vacancies with temporary nurses and healthcare workers. Working with a reputable nursing agency, such as ours, provides numerous advantages to nurses and other healthcare professionals. You will be guaranteed the highest-paid compensation in the market as well as other benefits if you choose Nurse Group

The UK's healthcare system is currently witnessing the worst nursing crisis, with nurses striking over low pay, work overload, and a feeling that they are undervalued. Even before the on-set of COVID-19, the UK's healthcare system was facing a nurse shortage as nurses and other healthcare workers moved to other careers or started working for nursing agencies. The main cause of the nursing shortage was low pay, which left them unable to meet their needs, forcing nurses and healthcare workers to leave their cherished careers and pursue other opportunities. 

Many of these nurses were attracted to higher-paying, shift-flexible nursing agencies such as the Nurses Group. With the way things are now, experts say that a lot more nurses will leave the healthcare industry, which will cause the whole thing to fall apart. 

Aside from low pay, nurses are overburdened with work, forcing them to work longer hours, and they believe their service is undervalued, leaving them dissatisfied with their job. 

At present, healthcare facilities rely heavily on nursing agencies like Nurses Group to fill up their staff shortage. Furthermore, many nurses are leaving their jobs, and the number of qualified nurses looking for work continues to rise, so there will be fierce competition for the jobs that are available. With the help of nursing agencies, you, as a nurse, will stand a better chance of landing your dream nursing job. 

Nurses Group is regarded as one of the best nursing agencies in the UK. It is regarded as one of the most reputable nursing agencies to work with, with branches throughout the UK, particularly in Yeovil, Salisbury, Taunton, and Bournemouth. 

The following are some of the advantages nurses will gain from working with Nurses Group: 

1. Highest-paid nursing agency

Low pay has been a major source of concern for nurses in the UK for many years. However, nursing agencies are able to provide the highest-paid job opportunities to their nursing staffs. This gives healthcare workers a sense of fulfilment because they can land the highest-paid jobs based on their qualifications and the services they provide. 

Nurses Group understands the difficulties involved in being in the nursing profession, and considering this, we pay our nurses and healthcare workers an excellent hourly rate. As a result, we are the highest-paid nursing agency in the UK, particularly in the Yeovil, Salisbury, Bournemouth, and Taunton areas. As an agency nurse, you will be given a variety of shift options from which to choose, and your pay will be calculated accordingly. 

Our nurses and healthcare workers are paid the highest compensation in the industry, which makes them happy. Being in one of the crucial industry, it is the right of healthcare workers to have the highest-paid job in the market. Keep in mind that our nursing staff are provided with the highest-paid job opportunities in the market. 

2. Weekly Payment

Nurses Group understands that payment for the service must be made quickly and promptly. We make weekly payments to our staff without any delay. As our agency nurses work on an hourly basis, they prefer weekly pay checks. By paying employees on a weekly basis, we ensure their financial well-being. 

3. Advance shift scheduling

Nurses Group is the highest-paid nursing agency on the market, and it also allows nursing staff to pre-book and schedule shifts. This means that healthcare workers can choose, book, and schedule their shifts based on their needs without sacrificing their personal time. This enables healthcare workers and nursing professionals to maintain their work-life balance. 

4. Transportation provided

Nurses Group also helps their nurses and other healthcare workers get to and from work by offering them transportation or extra pay if they are willing to drive themselves. In addition to getting the highest-paid nursing jobs, this is an extra benefit given to the staff. 

5. Free uniforms and training

The Nurses Group recognises that healthcare workers will have to spend a significant amount of money to advance their skills and knowledge, which will have an impact on their family's financial budget. Keeping this in mind, we offer free training programmes to our nursing staff to help them improve their skills and abilities. Apart from training, free sets of uniforms are also given to nurses as a welcome gift. 

6. Round-the-clock support 

Having no one to address your concerns is one of the main problems that nursing professionals face. Nurses Group knows about this problem and is working to solve it by providing round-the-clock support to our nursing and healthcare staff. As a result, our agency nurses can avoid unnecessary stress and dissatisfaction. 

People are leaving the healthcare sector and moving to other fields due to the ongoing strike and staff shortage in the nursing industry, as well as the stress and burnout caused by COVID-19. Staff shortages are affecting not only the healthcare industry but also the general public. In such a case, nursing agencies that offer the highest-paying healthcare jobs can attract and retain employees by offering them jobs in the healthcare sector. This is also one of the reasons why healthcare workers are transitioning to become agency nurses, as they receive the highest pay in such agencies for the services they provide. 

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