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What does a paediatric nurse do in the UK? - Paediatric nurse salary

A baby receiving gentle care from a paediatric nurse.

What is children's nursing or paediatric nursing: A Guide

Children's nurses, commonly referred to as paediatric nurses, are still in high demand in NHS Trusts all over the UK. Paediatric nurses can work in a wide range of areas, including hospitals, day-care centers, clinics, the community, healthcare assistants or children's homes, providing care for anybody from newborns to teens. Compared to other nursing jobs children’s nursing or paediatric nursing need high patience and capacity to handle children. The ability to communicate effectively is essential for this position, and you'll need to be sensitive and empathetic while dealing with children and their parents or guardians. As young children won't be able to express their feelings through words, you will also need to analyse their behaviour and emotions in order to assess them correctly. A paediatric nurse frequently instructs other medical professionals about children's health. Additionally, a children’s nursing job involves participating in clinical studies on various illnesses affecting kids in a specific location. You can learn effective treatment options for different illnesses due to research. 

Skills needed for a good paediatric nurse

  • Effective communication skills: Paediatric nurses effectively communicate with patient’s family and doctors. Compared to other nursing jobs paediatric nurses need patience and understanding facial expressions because, in the case of children, they can’t express feelings through words. 
  • Time management: Time management is an important skill for paediatric nurses because simultaneously they should treat patients and provide information to family members about the health status of children. 
  • Understanding of childhood characteristics and their development:  Paediatric nurses have expertise in different stages of childhood development. A children’s nurse must be aware of health milestones related to each developmental stage of a child and make sure the child is getting the nutrition, activity, care, and attention they require. Additionally, children can show various behavioural patterns depending on their stage of development. Paediatric nurses can improve interactions with their patients and ensure their comfort by being aware of certain behavioural characteristics.   
  • Observations: It's essential that paediatric nurses pay great attention to nonverbal signals because they frequently work with young children who haven't yet developed speech. Keep a watch for any changes in your patient's attitude or body language that could indicate new or growing symptoms. This may help you in deciding if a patient is ready for release and whether more testing is needed.  
  • Up to date with medical terminology: Professionals in the healthcare field stay up to date with modern technology, especially in the case of children’s nurse jobs, paediatric nurses obtain different techniques to handle patients.  

The above points show the main skills needed for a good paediatric nurse and these skills help to improve their career growth in children’s nursing jobs. 

What Does a Paediatric Nurse Do in the UK?

Paediatric nurses care for children from birth to adolescence, who have quite different needs and perspectives from adults and should be experts, more than just their clinical nursing abilities in order to connect with and care for their patients. 

  • Recognizing changes in a child's symptoms and reacting rapidly if there is any emergency situation. 
  • Provide information related to treatments and procedures to families and obtain consent. Supporting, guiding, and instructing patients and their relatives. 
  • Providing medication and delivering injections. 
  • Evaluate the child's pain management needs. 
  • Frequent blood transfusions and drips. check pulse, temperature, and breathing and these observations are accurately documented. 
  • Paediatric nurses must interact with parents and children in order to help children express their emotions and receive the right care and instruction. 

Type of children’s nursing:

Depending on the area of specialization, there are various types of children’s nurse jobs. 

  • Neonatal nurse: A neonatal nurse is the type of paediatric nurse who is responsible for providing care and medical treatment for newborns. You specialize in treating infants who are infected, have congenital cardiac defects, or have been born prematurely. You will probably be employed in neonatal intensive care units where you will be in charge of maintaining records of infants' vital signs and instructing parents about their condition. 
  • Disability caring nurse: Providing care to children with developmental disorders such as autism, Down syndrome, Rett syndrome, and Asperger's syndrome. You also support a child's communication skills development and analyse the needs and feelings of the child.
  • Palliative paediatric nurses: This is another type of nurse who takes care of children who are face terminally ill or in the case paralysed. You offer the highest quality of care while reducing suffering. Additionally, you help with the required medical supplies for giving life support.    

Jobs for paediatric nurses: 

In the UK, Nursing agencies or healthcare organisations provide huge nursing job opportunities, especially in the case of paediatric nursing jobs. In NHS hospitals, there are many paediatric nurses employed. Another job opportunity for paediatric nurses is: 

  • General practices (GPs), as specialized in child health. 
  • Childcare centers. 
  • Child health clinics. 
  • School health education units. 
  • Nursing agency. 
  • Private healthcare organizations. 
  • Patients' homes. 
  • Charities, and volunteer organizations. 

Paediatric nurse UK salary 

In the UK paediatric nurses get high returns based on their qualifications, skills, and experience. The NHS Agenda for Change in the payment pattern has clearly defined pay bands, for nurses. Salaries for newly qualified paediatric nurses start at around £28,407 if they work in 5 bands. Paediatric nurse salary will vary based on their skills and responsibilities of nurses. The majority of experienced and qualified nurses work in Band 6 or 7 and they get salaries around £35,392 to £50,056. 

Additional experience and qualifications may improve salary and promotion for children’s nurses. Staff who work during non-social hours or in prohibitively expensive areas may be eligible for additional payment. Nurse consultant salaries begin at Band 8a, which ranges from £50,952 to £57,349, making it one of the highest-paid nursing job roles. 

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