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Assisted Living

We are always available for assistance with 24-hour supervision delivering all personal care

Dedicated to improving people's quality of life

Assisted living allows individuals to live independently but access care and support as they need it. Assisted living, which is also called "extra care housing," is an alternative to residential care. In assisted living, people can buy or rent self-contained housing and get care and help from staff on site.

How does assisted living work?

Assisted living schemes are groups of homes that are all on their own. They are mostly for older people who want to live on their own but need some care and help. People may use it for long-term housing, intermediate care, or rehabilitation.
Many assisted living facilities have a minimum age requirement of 55 or 60 years old. Some cater to people who have mental health issues, learning disabilities, or complex needs. This is known as supported living.
Our care staff assist residents at assisted living facilities with everything from personal care to domestic help, which is usually available 24 hours a day. The facility will be equipped with all the amenities required in later life, as well as 24-hour emergency alarms.
You will always find staff who are ready and able to provide a variety of services based on the needs of the residents. The setting may organise regular, optional events and trips out to encourage residents to get out and about in their community.

Assisted living care and support services

Although people live independently, staff are on site to provide the care and support they need to maintain a good quality of life. Depending on individual needs, staff can help with daily activities such as washing, cleaning, shopping, and laundry.
Some of the basic services we offer are as follows:
  • Provide the elderly with safety and security and give them a homely feel.
  • Assist with daily tasks such as going to the toilet, cleaning, dressing, and others.
  • Medical services such as medication administration and management are supervised.
  • Offer housekeeping, maintenance, and laundry services.
  • Provide strength training.
  • Assist with socialising. 
One of the main benefits of assisted living communities over staying at home is that care can be provided on an as-needed basis. As our nursing staff is always on-site, rapidly changing needs and emergencies can be addressed as soon as possible.

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