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Nurses Groups offers its agency nurses and healthcare staff the best healthcare jobs throughout the UK. We offer our agency nurses the highest-paid nursing jobs in the UK, along with various other nursing benefits, making us the leading healthcare staffing agency in the country.

We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to locate agency nurses and healthcare workers jobs in the UK. We assist our agency nurses in advancing their nursing careers in the UK by providing them with a variety of online and offline training opportunities to improve their nursing skills.

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6 simple steps in our recruitment process

Nurses Group makes sure that our agency nurses and healthcare staff have access to the best nursing jobs in the UK. We provide our agency nurses and healthcare staff with the highest-paid nurse jobs along with various other nursing benefits such as quick payment, attractive pay rates, and many more.

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If you are interested in working as an agency nurse in the UK, look no further, as Nurses Group is the best private nursing recruitment agency. We offer registered nurse jobs, agency healthcare assistant jobs, and family support worker jobs. You can apply for a nursing job with us through the Nurses Group Career Portal, Indeed, or any social media platform. We are looking for skilled, qualified, naturally compassionate and caring nurses for our agency nursing jobs. To learn more about our agency's nursing jobs in the UK, please visit our career page.

Screening and interview 

Once you have successfully submitted your application with Nurses Group, we select only the most qualified nursing candidates from the applicant pool. After our human resources team has narrowed down the candidates, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Typically, we conduct online interviews to learn more about applicants, and if you are successful, you will be required to submit a number of documents for verification purposes.

Request documents

After you have successfully completed the nursing job interview, we will request that you send us a number of documents, including your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), passport (if you are a foreign citizen), birth certificate (if you are a British citizen, you can submit your birth certificate instead of a passport), right to work in the UK, address proof, training certificates, and NMC pin sheet (if you are applying for registered nursing jobs). These documents are needed to conduct background checks and other hiring procedures.


The Nurses Group also requests that our prospective agency staff in the UK to send two positive references. We require a mandatory work reference to gain a better understanding of your performance and work ethics in previous nursing and healthcare jobs. We also require a character reference in order to gain insight into your character and determine your suitability to become our agency nurse. These references are mostly gathered to gain an understanding of your personality and professionalism at work.

Attending training

While our internal HR staff checks on your paperwork, you will be given a series of off-the-job trainings tailored to the nursing job you have applied for. Nurses Group provides our agency nurses and healthcare staff with 10 mandatory online training (11 online training for registered nursing jobs) and one manual handling practical training to help them improve their nursing skills. We also provide two shadow shifts to our nursing and health workers if you are new to the UK healthcare industry.

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Once you have sent all the requested documents and the mandatory training required for the agency nursing job you have applied for, you can start working with us as our agency nurse or staff. You will get access to our nursing benefits as well as numerous nursing and healthcare jobs available with us across the UK based on your qualifications and talents. We offer our agency nurses and healthcare staff the highest-paid nursing jobs in the UK.

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Please request a call back if you're looking for the best nursing jobs in the UK. A member of our staff will contact you to discuss how we can assist you in finding agency healthcare jobs in the UK that match your skills.

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Frequently asked question
Learn about our nursing jobs

Below are the responses to the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our nursing jobs. This section will help you comprehend the various nursing jobs and how to apply for a nursing position with us in the UK.

To apply for a nursing position with Nurses Group UK, you must possess a nursing degree and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Experience will allow you to take advantage of more job opportunities. However, we do welcome new nurses and provide them with training and shadow shifts so that they can acquire more skills and knowledge.
An experienced nurse or fresher can apply for our nursing jobs in three ways and they include:
  • Nurses Group Career Portal
  • Indeed
  • Social media platforms
Once you apply for a nursing job in the UK, through any of the aforementioned ways, we will get back to you within 24-hours of applying or inquiry. One of our employees will reach out to you in order to assist you in moving forward.
It depends on how quickly the candidate can meet our requirements. If a candidate has all of the required documents, qualifications, and training, our nurse and healthcare staffs hiring procedure typically takes only a single day.
Yes ofcourse, you can view our nursing and healthcare staff testimonials on our Homepage.
Nurses Group hires new nurses and provides them with 10 mandatory online training (in the case of healthcare workers, 11 mandatory trainings for nurse jobs) and 1 manual handling training for our agency staff. If a nurse has already completed this training before joining our organisation and their certification is still legitimate, they may submit their nursing training certificates. In addition, nurses who are new to the healthcare system in the UK receive two shadow shifts during which they are accompanied by a senior staff member to learn their duties and responsibilities by observing the senior staff members perform their duties.
Our agency nurses and healthcare assistants are offered a variety of nursing roles through Nurses Group UK's extensive job opportunities, allowing them to advance in their careers. Additionally, we provide nursing training to our agency's healthcare staff on an annual basis, allowing them to advance their skills and remain up-to-date with modern technology. These training will assist them in obtaining better nursing and healthcare jobs throughout the UK.
When applying to Nurses Group for agency nursing jobs, the following documents are required:
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Your education qualification certificates
  • Nursing training certificates (if any)
  • Two positive references (one work reference and one character reference)
  • NMC pin sheet (if applying for agency nurse jobs in the UK)
Apart from these, you will have to submit your address proof, passport (if you are a foreign citizen working in the UK), or birth certificate (if you are a UK citizen).
Nurses Group in the UK offers temporary nursing staffing solutions. Nurses Group is the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK. Nurses Group is the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK.
What people say about us
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

I have had the pleasure to work in care for the last three years. I have worked for the Nurses Group, a family-run nursing agency with a great team of people such as Jobi and Surabi and a great team of people who work in the office. I got shifts in lovely residence, met lots of people from clients to staff. I am privileged to work for a great supportive agency such as the Nurses Group.

Georgina Atmore

Our Workforce
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

I worked as an HCA for over twenty years, but with the Nurses group for just over three, I was blessed with working with lovely staff who are kind-hearted and respects every one of us. It was such an honor working with such an excellent team. I enjoyed the working hours, helping the clients and other staff members, and going into new placements. I feel proud to work for the Nurses group, and I would thank Joby and Surabi for all the encouragement.

Julie Medlin

Our Workforce
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

I have known the Nurses Group for three years. I find them kind, friendly, and communicative. I am happy to work with them because they are always on time and value quality. It is great to collaborate because they are always available when I need them and offer professional training. I had the chance to meet many professional people through this agency, and I would highly recommend them.

Cosmina Cercel

Our Workforce

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