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Best nursing staffing agency in the UK

We understand your constant need for qualified, experienced, and reliable healthcare workers and nursing staff in the UK. That is why Nurses Group UK is here to assist you round-the-clock in meeting all of your nursing staffing needs. We take great pride in our stringent approach to compliance in every aspect of our staffing provision.

We spare no effort in providing the best nursing staffing solutions to our clients in the UK. We take the time to fully comprehend your needs and challenges, ensuring we match the skills and expertise of our staff to your vacancies to best support patient care and improve outcomes. Our rigorous screening and governance procedures are reflected in the quality of the staff we supply and the standard of care they deliver throughout the UK.

What we offer

Why should clients choose us?

Nurses Group has been the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK for almost a decade. Our healthcare staffing agency in the UK offers temporary staffing solutions to a variety of care facilities across the country. Our staffing services include providing qualified temporary nurses and healthcare personnel to meet our clients' nursing staffing needs. Here are some of the reasons clients select our nursing staffing agency:

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High-quality service

Our nursing staffing solutions in the UK are the finest in the healthcare industry. Our nursing and healthcare staff are highly qualified and competent in their support of the healthcare facilities for which they work.

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Less staffing risk 

By supplying qualified healthcare professionals throughout the UK, the Nurses Group reduces clients' staff turnover and the time required for the hiring process as we readily provide healthcare staffing services.

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Meets critical needs

Often with limited notice, we provide one-time shifts to cover staff shortages or absences. Additionally, long-term staff replacement for all healthcare facilities and ongoing, consistent support for new hires.

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By utilising our nursing staffing service, healthcare facilities throughout the UK can save a substantial amount on the hiring process, training, and upkeep of their nurses and healthcare staff.

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Enhance focus

Nurses Group helps healthcare settings in the UK focus on their key challenges while we manage their staffing needs, from basic nursing staffing services to last-minute, emergency, and staff shortage coverage.

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Round-the-clock support 

Our support staff is available on-call round-the-clock to assist our clients in the UK in providing the best healthcare staffing solution by locating the right nursing staff to meet their varying requirements.

Excellence in meeting clients' healthcare staffing needs

Nurses Group ensures that we assist our clients in meeting their staffing needs with qualified, reliable, and consistent healthcare staff. We offer a one-size-fits-all nursing staffing solution for all care settings, specialising in providing qualified healthcare staff to meet clients emergency and long-term staffing needs in the UK.

We are entirely regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England, adhering to the processes of registration, inspection, and auditing. We are fully committed to providing nursing staffing solutions that are transparent, reliable, and consistent to the healthcare facilities we serve. We take pride in providing excellent care in addition to a rigorous compliance and governance process, ensuring that we always provide the best nursing staff for your roles.

Our healthcare staffing expertise allows us to match the ideal nursing staff to the specific requirements of each role for each client.

Our internal auditing team diligently monitors and evaluates the support services and nursing staffing services we provide to healthcare facilities and hospitals in the UK and is committed to closing any performance gaps. The team's responsibility is to ensure that every branch complies with all internal regulations and conducts a monthly audit.

They are also responsible for ensuring every nursing staff member complies with the national regulations in relation to working in the healthcare field in the UK. This entails ensuring that every employee maintains Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), right-to-work documents, and has completed all required training. We ensure that we hire the right nursing staff to meet the requirements of our clients.

CQC regulated

The CQC regulates, oversees, and audits us to make sure that we uphold and maintain UK nursing standards. 

RCPA registered

Registered member of the Registered Care Providers Association Ltd (RCPA). They offer us operational advice and assistance. 

Goverened by NMC

We are governed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, which ensures that we adhere to safe, effective, and kind nursing practice.

Registered ICO member

The ICO ensures the data protection and privacy of clients and staff, as well as the transparency of our operations to the UK public.

We ensure that the performance of all healthcare staff is continuously monitored and that they maintain quality in accordance with the established standards. Regular nursing staff monitoring is conducted to ensure that they do not compromise the quality of service they render.

By regularly evaluating the performance of our agency nurses, we are able to assist them in improving their performance. This also aids in maintaining constant communication with our agency nurses, allowing us to address any concerns they may have. This is also an opportunity for managers to determine if additional training and development programmes are necessary to produce a productive workforce.

We have meticulously designed a more streamlined and concise recruitment procedure to ensure that we employ only the most qualified candidates. To ensure that none of our agency nurses have a criminal record, we conduct a comprehensive background check. We ensure that our nursing staff is given proper mandatory and additional training to enhance their skills and address any gaps in their performance.

We developed a training programme that combines on-the-job and off-the-job training to meet the market's challenges and the ever-changing healthcare system. We believe that maintaining face-to-face communication with the agency staff before and after hiring will allow us to maintain a strong rapport with them, allowing us to better understand them.

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Frequently asked question
Learn more about Nurses Group

We compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) based on our nearly a decade of providing healthcare facilities in the UK with high-quality nursing staffing solutions and the questions that our clients ask us.

Nurses Group is the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK, particularly in the areas of Yeovil, Salisbury, Taunton, Bournemouth, and others in the southwest of England. We provide highly qualified, skilled agency nurses and healthcare staff to care facilities throughout the UK. We can assist our clients with temporary staffing solutions to meet their emergency staff needs and healthcare worker shortages. If you are looking for or are in need of the best nursing staffing services, check out our client page.
Nurses Group provides agency healthcare assistants, support workers, and registered general nurses (RGN) to our clients in the UK. We offer a range of quality healthcare staffing solutions to our clients, including:
  • Last-minute and emergency shift cover in busy periods.
  • One-off shifts to cover staff shortages or absences, often at short notice.
  • Temporary healthcare workers for ad hoc, short-term, and ongoing agency work.
  • Long-term replacements for various nursing projects.
  • Regular and ongoing support for new staff.
Our rigorous selection process enables us to select the most qualified healthcare workers and nurses and provide them to the appropriate clients throughout UK. To know more about what we offer, check out our service page.
Currently, the majority of prospective clients approach Nurses Group due to the quality of the temporary staffing services we provide. Once a new client approaches us, we request their basic information, such as their address, number of beds, reputation, CQC rating, and a few others, which will be stored in our CRM software.
A member of our team will contact the client to learn more about their nursing staffing needs so that we can serve them more effectively. We then send a welcome email containing login details for our portal, through which they can request agency nurses and healthcare professionals for various schedules to meet their staffing needs.
Our clients can book shifts with us by following a simple and easy process. They have three options for how they can schedule shifts, and they are as follows:
  • Call
  • Email
  • Our portal
Among the many benefits of using our staffing solution service are the ability to book shifts at the last minute, the absence of shift cancellation fees, and the availability of a 24-hour support line which makes us the best nursing staffing agency in the UK.
Yes, we do provide short-term emergency staff solutions and long-term nursing staffing services to our clients throughout the UK.
Nurses Group UK specialises in meeting our clients' emergency and last-minute staffing needs. If a client wants an emergency shift within an hour of when it starts, we can find the right agency staff within 30 minutes and send them to a healthcare facility. If there is a last-minute need for staff and the shift has already started, it will take nearly 30 minutes to find a suitable agency healthcare assistant. In both cases, though, the distance from the agency staff's home to the healthcare facility is a key factor in figuring out how long it will take them to get to work. Also, if the specific staff member needs a ride, we will have to arrange for a driver to pick them up at their home and drop them off at the nursing home or any other healthcare facility.
Nurses Group in the UK offers temporary nursing staffing solutions. Nurses Group is the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK. Nurses Group is the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK.
What people say about us
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

It has been a year working in partnership with the Nurses Group. What I value the most is that the team is always available to help even in the last-minute call, closely matching our requirements. Staff is genuinely passionate, caring, proactive, tireless contributors who would make a valuable contribution to any team and anyone. The inspiring team understands the needs of our setting and what we are looking for in terms of quality of care. Professional, thorough, and consistently going the extra mile are but just a few reasons that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Nurses Group.

Tilla Wagner

Our Client
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

Nurses Group is always very responsive to our requests and adaptable to change. The carers who come to our home are always kind and respectful to our residents. Our staff find them to be industrious and friendly.

Claudia Webb

Our Client

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