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Our success is built by providing high quality services to our clients and workforce.

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Nurses Group ensures that we help you fill your staff shortage with high-quality, reliable, and consistent nursing workers. We offer a one-size-fits-all nursing staffing solution for all care settings, specialising in providing qualified healthcare staff to care facilities of all sizes in the UK.

Our internal auditing team diligently monitors and evaluates the support services we provide to healthcare facilities and hospitals in the UK and is committed to closing any performance gaps. The team's responsibility is to ensure that every branch complies with all internal regulations and conducts a monthly audit.

They are also responsible for ensuring every nursing staff member complies with the national regulations in relation to working in the healthcare field in the UK. This entails ensuring that every employee maintains Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), right-to-work documents and has completed all required trainings. We ensure that we hire the right staff to meet the requirements of our clients.

RCPA registered

Registered member of the Registered Care Providers Association Ltd (RCPA). They offer us operational advice and assistance.

Goverened by NMC

We are governed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, which ensures that we adhere to safe, effective and kind nursing practice.

Registered ICO member

The ICO ensures the data protection and privacy of clients and staff, also the transparency of our operations to the UK public.

We ensure that the performance of all staff is continuously monitored and that they maintain quality in accordance with the established standards. Regular staff monitoring is conducted to ensure that they do not compromise the quality of service they render.

By regularly evaluating the performance of our employees, we are able to assist them in improving their performance. This also aids in maintaining constant communication with the staff, allowing us to address any concerns they may have. This is also an opportunity for managers to determine if additional training and development programmes are necessary to produce a productive workforce.

We have meticulously designed a more streamlined and concise recruitment procedure to ensure that we employ only the most qualified candidates. To ensure that none of our employees have a criminal record, we conduct a comprehensive background check. We ensure that our staff are given proper mandatory and additional training to enhance their skills and address any gaps in their performance.

We developed a training programme that combines on-the-job and off-the-job training to meet the market's challenges and the ever-changing healthcare system. We believe that maintaining face-to-face communication with the staff before and after hiring will allow us to maintain a strong rapport with them, allowing us to better understand them.

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We extend you our helping hands that sense your needs, adapt to your circumstance, and entrust without worry.

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We provide you with highly efficient staff, delivering flexible and personalised service.

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We support you by enriching an elevation in your career by providing accomplished training.

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We provide high quality professional and licensed workforce as a panacea for all challenges.

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Our team of nursing staff assists elderly people with daily tasks


About us

Unrivalled quality and reliability

Nurses Group is the fastest growing healthcare group in the UK today. Established in Yeovil in 2015, we provide specialized services to care homes, residential homes, nursing homes, and various disability centres in the southwest regions of England.

We render our clients with reliable and high-quality health care services through efficient medical practitioners to meet the needs of our clients and enjoy a better standard of living.

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Tailor-Made Staffing Solutions
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Our Services

We provide nursing staff to healthcare facilities so that they can provide the highest quality care to individuals in need. Our qualified and competent nursing staff can assist in meeting all of our clients' healthcare requirements.

Why choose us

We are committed to building a healthcare ecosystem where clients can find nursing staff and healthcare assistants who meet their needs, and where nurses and healthcare workers can find nursing jobs that fits their schedules.

Why work with us?

Nurses Group provides our nursing staff with the most favourable working conditions and benefits, thereby enhancing their work experience and enabling them to feel secure in their healthcare jobs.

A hand holding pound symbol showing that we provide attractive pay to staff

Attractive Pay Rate

Our nursing staff receives the industry's best hourly rate.

The symbol shows that Nurse Group makes the payment to their staffs weekly

Quick Payment

We pay our nurses & healthcare assistants on a weekly basis.

The bus symbol shows that Nurse Group provides transport to and from work

Transportation Provided

Transportation to & from work, or extra pay if self-driving.

The gift symbol indicates that we provide free staff training and uniforms

Free Uniform & Training

Provide free training & uniforms to boost skills & morale.

The symbol indicates that we allow advance scheduling of shifts for nurses.

Advance Shift Scheduling

Pre-book shifts & select the ones that best suit your needs.

The symbol shows we provide round-the-clock on-call support to our staff

Round-the-clock support

Our carers has access to 24-hours on-call support.

What makes our service unique?

We supply nursing staff and healthcare workers who are well-trained, reliable, and experienced in addressing a wide range of healthcare issues in which patients require specialised care and attention.

The symbol shows the nursing staff's provision of quality care to needy

High-quality care

Ensures access to nurses with the necessary competencies.

The symbol shows that the care facilities are free from hirings unfit staff

Reduced risk

Lower the risk of wasting time by selecting unqualified nurses.

The symbol shows that Nurses Group aids care facility with emergency needs

Meets critical needs

Assist with emergency & temporary staffing services.

The hand symbol shows we provide temporary nursing staff to care facilities


Spend less on permanent staffing and the hiring process.

The focus symbol shows the care facility can concentrate on important tasks

Enhance Focus

Focus on essential challenges or tasks in the healthcare facility.

The call symbol shows we provide on-call support to all our care clients

Round-the-clock support

Provide tailored, on-demand aids to cover staff shortages.

Frequently asked question
Learn about us from the FAQ!

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions and doubts. This FAQ will provide you with a better understanding of our services and the scope of our service.

Once your background screening is complete and you have completed the off-line training, our support team will contact you to notify you that your registration has been completed. You will be assigned a shift with one of our senior staff members to provide on-the-job training.
You can always notify our support team of your availability beforehand so that we can assign a care schedule to you, which will best fit you.
Agency nursing is a nursing subspecialty. The Agency Nurse is an agency employee who is sent out to various facilities to practise. Agency nurses are found in all nursing specialties. They may work part-time or full-time.
A registered general nurse must have some skills in order to handle basic client needs. They are listed below:
  • Excellent observational skills.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Effective communication skills (verbal and written).
  • The ability to adapt well in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
  • Excellent time management abilities
Nurses Group in the UK offers temporary nursing staffing solutions. Nurses Group is the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK. Nurses Group is the leading nursing staffing agency in the UK.
What people say about us
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

I have had the pleasure to work in care for the last three years. I have worked for the Nurses Group, a family-run nursing agency with a great team of people such as Jobi and Surabi and a great team of people who work in the office. I got shifts in lovely residence, met lots of people from clients to staff. I am privileged to work for a great supportive agency such as the Nurses Group.

Georgina Atmore

Our Workforce
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

I worked as an HCA for over twenty years, but with the Nurses group for just over three, I was blessed with working with lovely staff who are kind-hearted and respects every one of us. It was such an honor working with such an excellent team. I enjoyed the working hours, helping the clients and other staff members, and going into new placements. I feel proud to work for the Nurses group, and I would thank Joby and Surabi for all the encouragement.

Julie Medlin

Our Workforce
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

I have known the Nurses Group for three years. I find them kind, friendly, and communicative. I am happy to work with them because they are always on time and value quality. It is great to collaborate because they are always available when I need them and offer professional training. I had the chance to meet many professional people through this agency, and I would highly recommend them.

Cosmina Cercel

Our Workforce
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

It has been a year working in partnership with the Nurses Group. What I value the most is that the team is always available to help even in the last-minute call, closely matching our requirements. Staff is genuinely passionate, caring, proactive, tireless contributors who would make a valuable contribution to any team and anyone. The inspiring team understands the needs of our setting and what we are looking for in terms of quality of care. Professional, thorough, and consistently going the extra mile are but just a few reasons that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Nurses Group.

Tilla Wagner

Our Client
Nurses Group is a technology-driven nursing staffing agency in the UK.

Nurses Group is always very responsive to our requests and adaptable to change. The carers who come to our home are always kind and respectful to our residents. Our staff find them to be industrious and friendly.

Claudia Webb

Our Client
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