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What nursing careers does Nurses Group offer in the UK?

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Various nursing careers offered by Nurses Group in the UK

The demand for healthcare workers in the UK is ever-increasing, and with the rise in demand comes an increase in the number of nursing job vacancies. However, in recent years, there has been an unrealistic increase in the demand for nurses, as healthcare workers are moving to other jobs due to low payment, overwork, and being undervalued. 

If you want a stable and well-paying nursing career in the UK, Nurse Group is your best option. 

Nurses Group has been in the healthcare business for a long time and has offices all over the UK, including in Yeovil, Salisbury, Bournemouth, and Taunton. We are a nursing staffing agency that places experienced nurses and care workers in healthcare facilities all over the UK. Nurses Group helps healthcare facilities of all sizes fill staffing gaps, improve care quality, and maintain a happy, productive atmosphere. We provide nursing professionals to meet urgent staffing needs, such as last-minute emergency staffing or planned absences. Clients and healthcare workers will benefit from a professional agency that is focused on technology and from our advanced web portal, which gives them control and stability. 

What are the benefits of working as a nurse or healthcare staff with the Nurses Group? 

There are various benefits of working as a nursing professional with the Nurse Group, and they are as follows: 

1. Excellent pay rate: Choosing a nursing career with Nurses can be extremely rewarding as you will be getting the highest market pay rate for the service you provide. 
2. Weekly payment: You will be paid for your service on a weekly basis. 
3. Flexible shifts: Nurses Group knows how important it is to have a good balance between work and life, so our nurses can choose their shifts based on their own schedules. 
4. Advance shift book: Nurses and healthcare workers can schedule and organise their shifts according to their needs. 
5. Transportation: Our staff has access to transportation, and if a nurse chooses to drive themselves, Nurse Group will pay them back. 
6. Free training: If you work for Nurses Group, you will get free training on the job and off the job to help you improve your skills. 
7. Free uniform: When you join the Nurses Group to begin your nursing career, you will be given free uniforms as a welcome gift to encourage the staff. 

What are the various nursing careers available through the Nurses Group? 

Nursing and healthcare careers are available through Nurses Group, and they are as follows: 

1. Registered Managers

You can't be a practicing nurse if you aren't registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), and in order to register, you need to be qualified. Registered nurses are nursing professionals who have finished their training after getting a degree or an apprenticeship at the degree level. Once your training has finished, you will need to join the NMC registry. This process is complete once you have: 
a) Paid the registration fee. 
b) Received your PIN from the NMC. 

Main duties of working as a registered nurse with Nurses Group 

1. Monitoring vital signs, BP, and blood sugar levels, and administering medications to patients 
2. Changing and assessing the wounds 
3. Attending patient care plan meetings 
4. Consultation with medical professionals 
5. Working closely with management to ensure the home's safety 
6. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written 
7. Willingness to be flexible 

2.  Support worker 

Choosing a career as a support worker in the UK with the Nurses Group is very rewarding. You will be required to assist an individual in their daily life. Our support workers normally help people in healthcare facilities or hospitals that suffer from mental health challenges and learning disabilities, as well as the elderly, helping them develop strategies and systems to live freely and overcome their social and physical impairments. The Nurse Group is looking for reliable and experienced support workers to provide patient-centred care to service users in nursing and residential homes in the UK. 

What are the primary responsibilities of a support worker with the Nurses Group?

1. To help the service user keep as much of his or her autonomy and independence as possible. 
2. Assisting patients with personal care needs and domestic requirements. 
3. Assisting individuals with mobility issues or other physical disabilities. 
4. Taking care of the food and nutritional requirements of the patients. 
5. Monitoring the daily activities and fitness of the patient. 

3. Healthcare assistant 

Healthcare assistants are another important part of the care industry in the UK. Choosing a nursing career as a healthcare assistant means you are responsible for nurturing patients and helping them overcome any sort of physical or mental health issues. Working as a healthcare assistant can involve engaging in a wide range of roles and responsibilities in various environments with different requirements. When you choose a career as a healthcare assistant, make sure to have a clear understanding of the roles you are expected to perform.

A nursing career as a healthcare assistant entails performing the following roles: 

1. Enable and assist patients to maintain as much autonomy and independence as possible. 
2. Supporting patients with personal care and domestic chores. 
3. Assisting individuals with mobility problems and other physical disabilities. 
4. Keep track of the food and nutritional needs of the individual. 
5. Encouraging people to do their daily tasks and exercise. 

4. Senior healthcare assistant

A senior healthcare assistant job is a much more advanced form of nursing. Among other things, you will be in charge of supervising staff. When you decide to pursue a career as a senior healthcare assistant, you will be assigned to one of the following roles: 

1. Assist in the updating and writing of care plans and resident documentation. 
2. Carry out formal supervision and evaluations. 
3. Participating in care planning and coaching carers. 
4. Administer medication to residents in accordance with policies and procedures. 
5. Be responsible for doing realistic assessments of each resident and reporting them to make sure care stays the same. 
6. Take a professional role in promoting the services when talking to family, potential residents, and people who have questions. 

These are some of the nursing careers that the Nurses Group provides throughout the UK. 

If you want a rewarding nursing career, look no further. The UK has a unique history in medicine, and our universities have contributed to the advancement of medical knowledge and nursing practise for centuries. So, if you want a bright career in nursing that is truly ambitious and at the cutting edge of care, the UK is the best place to start. The Nurses Group is the best option for anyone interested in a nursing career in the UK. Choose one of the nursing careers listed above if you are passionate, compassionate, and naturally caring. We provide nursing career development training to our employees, assisting them in their overall development. 

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