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What is the average salary nurses earn in UK? - NHS pay banding - 2024

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How many nhs pay bands are there in nursing? - A guide

What is the average salary for a nurse in the UK? 

In the UK, registered nurses are paid by the National Health Service (NHS) based on their skills and responsibilities. The average salary for Registered Nurse in UK in the year of 2024 is £36,302. The NHS in the UK uses a pay band system to categorize and determine the salaries of healthcare professionals. The pay bands are represented by numerical values. Currently, there are 9 nursing bands in the UK. Every year, the staff covers will often advance to the next pay band until they reach pay band 9. The newly certified NMC registered nurses begin at band 5, and the most experienced nurses can access band 9.  

What salary nurses earn with each NHS pay bands? 

Band 1: Nursing assistant  

In the UK, Band 1 employees are typically offered a nurse wage of around £22,383 per year, and their years of experience range from 0-1+. These roles involve regular tasks that can be acquired through basic orientations or training sessions. In the UK, nurses in this category have fewer skills and limited qualifications. Band 1 includes positions such as domestic support workers, housekeeping assistants, drivers, and nursery assistants.

Band 2: Health care assistant (HCA) 

These roles require a period of initiation. It includes positions such as domestic support workers, housekeeping assistants, drivers, nursery assistants and healthcare assistants. Band 2 employees are offered average nurse wage around £22,383 per year, and their years of experience range from 0-6+. Some of the band 2 nurse responsibilities include, assisting with daily activities, providing comfort and support, mobility assistance, maintaining cleanliness and communicating with patients.

Band 3: Emergency care assistant 

Band 3 employees in UK that is Emergency care assistant (ECA) refers to a healthcare professional working in pre-hospital emergency care.  In these category employees would be expected to apply their expertise to various work methods and new situations. Band 3 employee responsibilities might need some proper training or practical experience. The aspects of the role can vary from patient transportation to basic life support. ECA in UK are trained to provide basic patient care like administrating first aid, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and assisting paramedics. In 2024 nhs pay band 3 employees in UK typically earn a pay scale of around £22,816 to £24,336 per year. The year of experience range from 0 – 6+.  

Band 4: Theatre support worker  

In the UK, band 4 employees need more technical training. Some of these employees may have completed a foundation degree year, but it is necessary that a candidate to have relevant experience or complete detailed training programme. They can usually provide patients with the same level of care as a nurse, but they are unable to administer medication without a nurse present.  

The main responsibilities of theatre support worker in UK include surgical assistance, patient care and instrument handling. They typically earn a salary (band 4 nhs pay) between £25,147 to £27,596 per year. The year of experience range from 0 – 6+.

Band 5: Staff nurse

A band 5 nurses in UK, are the newly qualified nurses or staff nurses. The typical nurses pay scale starts at around £28,407 to £34,581 per year. The years of experience for a Band 5 staff nurse range from 0-6+ years. These staff nurses have degrees, complete training, and NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) registration. 

These Employees will be expected to be familiar with wide range of protocols and practices, and they typically possess the basic knowledge and skills required for basic patient care. The main responsibilities of Band 5 nurses include, assessing and observing patients, administrating treatments and medications and communicating with their families.

Band 6: Nursing specialist or senior nurses 

Band 6 nursing jobs in the UK sometimes have the same duties and responsibilities as in Band 5 nursing jobs. These jobs are attained through study or immense practical experience. The nurses pay scale of band 6 employees starts at £35,392 to £42,618 per year. The years of experience for a Band 6 nhs pay staff nurse range from 0-8+ years.  

Band 6 nurses are expected to have a higher level of clinical experience and expertise in their chosen area of specialization. This category of nurses has freedom to make their own decisions compared to lower bands. The responsibilities of band 6 employees in UK may vary from clinical Leadership to Clinical Governance. 

Band 7: Advanced nurse or nurse practitioner (ANP) 

Band 7 nurses in UK, have a great deal of experience and are well-versed in their particular field of expertise. These employees will have acquired skills through extensive academic study and relevant hands-on experience. 

This category of employees has the salaries begin at £43,742 and rises to £50,056 per year. The years of experience for a Band 7 nurses range from 0-8+. A band 7 nurse’s important responsibilities include the ability to conduct improved clinical assessments, make diagnoses, and prescribe medication to patients responsibilities that are very similar to those of a doctor.     

Band 8: Modern matron or head nurse 

In the UK, Band 8 nurses have nurses wage around £43,742 to £114,949 per year. The Band 8 have 4 sub-bands that is 8a,8b,8c,8d.  

In band 8a Pay scale ranges from £50,952 to £57,349 per year. Their years of experience range from 0-5+.  

Band 8b nurses earn a salary between £58,972 to £68,525 per year. They have 0 – 5+ years of experience.  

Band 8c nurses in UK have pay scale ranging from £70,417 to £81,138 per year, 0-5+ years of experience.  

In the UK, Band 8d employees are typically offered salary of around £83,571 to £114,949 per year. The year of experience for these nurses ranges from 0- 5+. 

Band 9: Consultant-level nurse 

In the UK, Band 9 is not a standard band in NHS (based on the Nursing pay scale). Band 9 is usually used for nursing management and leadership roles such as director of nursing, Chief Nurse, and other senior management roles that are not directly involved. 

Band 9 employees in the UK typically earn a pay scale of around £99,891 to £114,949 per year. The years of experience range from 0 – 5+. These nurses contribute to maintaining high standards of patient care and safety. 

How do nurses wages increase? 

Nurses pay in UK increases with increasing years of experience within the particular pay band. However, the incremented raises come to halt upon reaching the upper limit of your pay band. An alternative method to boost nurses wage in UK is by moving to higher banding, which in itself will normally entails obtaining additional qualifications. 

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