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What does a patient advocate in UK do? - Skills and examples [2024]

A compassionate patient advocate providing information and guidance to patients

What is Patient Advocacy? - Examples of patient advocacy - A guide

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the vital role of patient advocacy in UK! Advocacy is really important of ensuring patients right, and people who work in healthcare can speak up for patients. If you're thinking about a job in healthcare also in UK, understanding how to support patients in this way can help you become better at your job. 

What is a Patient advocacy?

The medical system can be hard to understand and a lot to handle, especially when someone is also facing a scary health problem. Patient advocacy in the UK is about standing up for patients, survivors, and caregivers in healthcare. It's like making sure they get the help and support they need. Standing up for patients' rights is really important, and people in healthcare can speak up for patients. If you're thinking about working in healthcare, knowing about patient advocacy can help you become better at your job. Basically, patient advocacy wants to make patients stronger and keep them safe, so they can make good choices and get kind treatment.  

Advocating for patients is also about making sure patients are safe and get good care. Lots of nursing groups have made advocacy a big part of their rules and values. Sometimes, advocacy means helping patients feel strong by understanding their feelings and talking with them in a friendly way that still stays fair and honest.  

What does patient advocate in UK do?

A patient advocate has lots of things to do and look after. 

1) Assisting a patient in locating money and legal help. 

2) Arranging doctor visits and getting another doctor's advice. 

3) Fixing arguments between patients and their insurance companies. 

4) Negotiating about the cost of medical care and checking to make sure it's right. 

5) Helping a patient find groups and friends who can give them support. 

6) Solving problems between patients and their doctors or nurses. 

7) Talking to doctors, nurses, therapists, and insurance people for a patient. 

8) Writing down what happens when you go to the doctor. 

9) Making sure that when a patient can't talk, what they want still happens. 

What are the skills to become a patient advocate in the UK?

To be a patient advocate in UK, you need to have good people skills, especially being able to listen and talk clearly. A key task for patient advocates is to explain medical and financial matters to patients in simple terms they can easily grasp. 

a) Patient advocates in UK need to talk clearly and well to do their job right. They have to explain medical stuff in a way that patients and families can understand. They also need to share their own needs and worries with doctors and nurses. 

b) As a patient advocate, you'll often help decide on things like insurance and treatment options. This means you'll need to be good at solving problems by thinking, researching, and analyzing carefully. 

c) Patient advocates in UK must understand how patients and their families feel. They use good listening skills to really get what they're going through and what they want. This helps build a strong and supportive bond. Patient advocates should care about the people who rely on you to guide them through their healthcare journey. 

d) Organizational skills are also essential. You might have to help many patients at once, so it's crucial to keep each person's information in order. You'll also need to stay on top of appointments, bills, and other important dates. 

e) Knowing how healthcare works, its rules, and policies is key to being a good advocate. Patient advocates must figure out how to deal with red tape, grasp how insurance works, and stand up for patients' rights in the healthcare system. 

What are the examples of patient advocacy? 

1) One of the examples of patient advocacy is Educating patients. Nurses often teach patients about many different things. Sharing information about their health condition, treatment, and other medical details can really help patients. It might boost their confidence when they need to ask questions.  

2) Patient advocacy helps inform all the patient updates to entire team to make sure the patient gets the best care from everyone involved. Patient advocates in UK can communicate the information like changes to patient symptoms and patient mood changes.  

3) Making sure all patients are healthy and safe is really important. Patient advocates in the UK makes sure that everyone does things the right way. They also helps in storing all medical equipment correctly.  

4) Patient advocates in UK can support patients by being careful with all paperwork, writing things down correctly, and following instructions closely. Make sure to read orders carefully and check with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others to be sure. 

5) They can assist a patient in finding useful help both inside and outside the hospital as part of advocating for them. Explore local organizations and services that offer support, help with money, transportation, caregiving, or other kinds of assistance.  

Where do patient advocates work in the UK?

Patient advocates have opportunities for employment in various settings, including small companies and hospitals. You can find patient advocates in hospitals. They help patients and their families understand their rights, handle worries, and make sure they get the best care possible. Also, patient advocates might work in healthcare clinics, where they do similar things but on a smaller level. Some also work for health insurance companies, helping members understand their coverage and fix billing problems. Lots of nursing homes, senior living places, and assisted living facilities have patient advocates too. More people are becoming independent workers or starting small businesses to help patients with healthcare. Moreover, some are creating online lists to help patients find private advocates. Government offices sometimes hire patient advocates at either the national or state level. 

Overall, patient advocates are very important. They make sure patients get the help, information, and support they need to make good healthcare choices and get good care.  

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