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Top 12 benefits of working as a nurse in the UK

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Why work as a nurse in the UK?

Well, the thought of moving to a new country is always scary, but with the tremendous job opportunities in the UK, this move makes it worth a try. However, with multiple options, it becomes difficult to choose the right one and make a career move. Thus, it becomes important to evaluate the expected benefits of the choices we make.
Here's the thing: the UK is one of the best countries for nurses to work and live in. While we are all aware of the amazing work that nurses do in caring for patients, it is easy to focus on how hard they work and the sacrifices they make. However, there is a lot of proof that this can be a rewarding job, as many nurses choose to stay in healthcare for their whole careers and help thousands of people get healthy or stay healthy.

Here are the top reasons to work in the UK as a nurse:

1. Job security:
One of the foremost aspects everyone checks while choosing a job is the stability it provides. The overseas nurses who work with the National Health Service (NHS) are given an initial three-year contract, providing long-term job security. You also have the option to renew your contract at the end of the term.
2. Competent pay:
Within the NHS, each nurse is paid based on their skills, abilities, and job responsibilities. If you choose to pursue a nursing career in the UK, you will be financially secure. A nurse with more experience and specialisation in a specific area of nursing can earn a high salary. You will also receive a generous pension plan as well as a variety of discounts on transportation, lodging, and your children's education.
3. Wide range of career options
Nurses make up the majority of the NHS workforce and also play an important role in private facilities. With a degree or diploma, you can register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). You have a wide range of career options to choose from, such as healthcare assistants, mental health nurses, learning disability nurses, and others.
4. Internationally recognised career:
Every culture on the planet has a care role that is central to their medical practice. While education and training qualifications vary, the role of a nurse is recognised and valued throughout the world.
5. Career progression
There is plenty of opportunity for career progression in nursing, as hard work, dedication, and exceptional care standards can be recognised and rewarded when applying for promotion.
6. Flexible work schedule
The NHS prioritises providing qualified nurses with flexible work options such as part-time, flex-time, and more. Furthermore, you have the option of working a standard 9–5 schedule, a rotational schedule, or night shifts. This allows you to focus on both your work and your family, thereby achieving the perfect work-life balance.
7. A comprehensive orientation programme
Moving to another country changes your life, especially when it comes to adjusting to a new culture, workplace, and unfamiliar process. That is not the case for nurses working for the NHS, as they will be given a thorough orientation about the workplace, work methodology, and local surroundings, ensuring a smooth transition.
8. Move with family
The UK is open to the migration of families, which means you can have career goals without compromising your personal life. Furthermore, education up to the 12th grade is provided at no cost, alleviating the burden of dependents' expenses.
9. Continuous learning
Working different types of shifts in different types of facilities provides endless opportunities to learn new skills in care. There are also numerous additional courses and training programmes available to help you learn new skills as your career progresses.
Not only is there a constant level of learning that occurs with each shift, as all patients are individuals, but it is also a necessary part of being a nurse. Evidence of continuous learning, or Continuous Professional Development (CPD), is required as part of a nurse's revalidation application. "Revalidation" is the process that all UK nurses, midwives, and nursing associates must go through in order to keep their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). It is required every three years.
If you are working for the NHS, they maintain high-quality healthcare standards through training, development, and support. As a member of the NHS, you are entitled to an annual review of your professional goals and a plan to help you reach them.
10. Pension scheme
The NHS has one of the best pension schemes in the UK. As a new NHS nurse, you will be automatically enrolled in the pension plan from day one. Your pension contributions, which range between 7.1% and 9.3% depending on your starting salary, are among the most secure in the UK, ensuring a healthy and vibrant retirement.
11. Free OSCE exam preparation
The final step in getting registered with the NMC is a practical scenario-based exam to test the nurse's ability to perform in a real-time hospital setting. Employers in the United Kingdom, unlike any other country, have made arrangements for the free training of overseas nurses for the OSCE exam at the hospital itself.
By investing time and money in this training programme, they demonstrate their seriousness about recruiting efficient nurses and their readiness to provide all necessary support.
12. Knowing your service helps others
One of the most important aspects of working as a nurse is that you get to help people every day. All your hard work, effort, and training have tangible results in helping patients get well and resume their lives. You are also giving hope and happiness to the families and friends of the patients.
Nurses have a profound impact on people's lives, as they even provide long-term education by teaching people how to take medication, eat nutritiously, watch out for signs and symptoms of recurrence in the future, and so on.
Every day in the life of a nurse is exciting and challenging because they will be dealing with a wide range of patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses.
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