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How much does assisted living cost in UK? - Assisted living facilities

Assisted living nurse helping a patient with daily routine.

What is Assisted living in the UK? - Services in assisted living

Individuals might face some challenges like requiring extra assistance with daily tasks as they grow older. Around 60% of elderly people will require help as they get older. It could be because of difficulty moving around, health problems, or just wanting company. But there's good news! Assisted living places in UK are there to help. They provide a caring atmosphere where people can stay independent while getting the support they require.  

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a place where older folks or those with disabilities live if they need some help with everyday tasks and sometimes medical care too. Families might choose these places so their loved ones have experts nearby. Residents might need regular medical attention and help from trained nurses. 

In assisted living, residents usually can use shared spaces like dining and activity rooms, libraries, or even outdoor areas like pools and walking paths, depending on the place. Some communities offer just the basics like meals and activities, while others have fancy extras like spas and bars for luxury living. 

Assisted living falls between two other types of housing. Sheltered housing offers support with daily tasks but not all the time, while residential care provides constant care for those who need it to live fully.

Assisted living communities, similar to care homes, provide round-the-clock help with personal care like bathing, getting dressed, and taking medicine. However, residents live in their own apartments instead of suites.

What are the common features of assisted living?

1) Getting assistance from a scheme manager or a group of support staff.

2) You can get extra-care housing by buying or renting it privately, or by getting it from the local council based on your care needs.

3) There are shared lounges where you can hang out and chat whenever you want.

4) Social activities organized for everyone in the neighbourhood to do together.

5) Having your own flat lets you be independent.

6) You can get emergency help any time by pressing a button on a special alarm system.

How does getting help in assisted living work?

  • Assisted living places are places with houses where older folks can live alone but still get some help when needed. It's for those who want to be independent but may need a bit of support. They can stay there for a long time or for a while for care or recovery. 
  • Assisted living comes in various forms, like retirement villages, places with small flats, and bungalows. 
  • Lots of places for assisted living need you to be at least 55 or 60 years old. Some also help folks with mental health problems, learning disabilities, or other complex needs. This is called supported living. 
  • People who live in assisted living places own, partly own, or rent their own homes there. They also get help with things like personal care and chores, usually around the clock. 
  • There are always workers around to help residents with whatever they need. They might also plan fun things to do and outings so residents can explore their neighbourhood. 

What are the services included in assisted living?

Even though people live by themselves, there are workers nearby to help them with things like cleaning, shopping, and other tasks they might need assistance with. This help is there to make sure they have a good life. 

  •     Eating  
  •     Mobility 
  •     Medication administration 
  •     Continence 
  •     Socialising 
  •     Laundry 
  •     Toileting 
  •     Bathing 
  •     Getting dressed

How much does assisted living cost in UK?

The cost of assisted living can change based on if you are renting or buying your place or the type of plan you pick. It can also be dependent on how much help you need and where you want to live. Since what extra-care places offer can vary based on location and individual needs it is difficult to provide an exact cost estimate. It depends on where they are and what each person needs. But generally, it should be cheaper than residential care. 

If you need more help the staff will have to spend more time with you. Then the care you get will be more expensive. You will also have to pay an extra fee for things like keeping the place clean and managing the community. 

In England, you might have to pay around £1,500 to £3,000 a year for a one-bedroom flat as a service charge. In fancier places, it could be more than £10,000 a year. 

If you've bought a place in an assisted living community, you'll need to pay ground rent. You'll also have to cover council tax and utility bills, but sometimes these are included in your service charge. 

Before you decide, make sure you know all the costs you'll have to pay, including any one-time fees like administration or exit fees. Also, check when and how the regular charges, like the service fee or care charges, might go up. 

How can I access assisted living schemes?

a) You can rent or buy assisted living homes from the government, groups that help with housing, charities, or businesses. 

b) Most extra care housing places have rules about who can live there. For example, you might need to be older than 55 or have specific care needs. Some local councils don't let people who own homes sign up for assisted living until they sell their property. 

c) After your needs are checked, your local council might suggest assisted living as the best way to help you, and they'll assist you in setting it up. 

d) Before you decide on a scheme, it's really important to know all the rules, how much you'll have to pay, and what services you'll get. This also means knowing about any fees you might need to pay if you leave or sell the property. 

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