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What is a travel nurse? - Roles and responsibilities in the UK

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How to become a travel nurse in the UK? - Benefits

Working in healthcare can be limiting in times when you are stuck in one place with long hours. This can be tough for people who like to travel. But this can be solved when you choose travel nursing as your profession. We will explore how to become a travel nurse in this blog. Whether you dream of exploring places or meeting new people our blog will helpful for you! 

Explain what a travel nurse is?

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who works on a temporary basis in different locations. These nurses are sent to different places in the UK temporarily. They step into assist when there aren't enough nurses available.  

Travel nurses became popular in UK when there were not enough nurses to fill the jobs in healthcare centres. Employers offered more money and help with moving to attract nurses to the open positions. They not only work in UK but also in other countries as international travel nurses. Many people like travel nursing job because it will offer new experience and better pay than usual.

How to become a travel nurse?

  • If you want to become a travel nurse in the UK, the first step is to go to a university for two or four years and get a nursing degree. You need either an associate's degree (ADN) or a bachelor's degree (BSN) in nursing to qualify. 
  • Once you finish a nursing program that's approved, you need to pass a test called the NCLEX-RN to get your license. 
  • Many travel nurse agencies in UK need you to have at least one year of experience working in your chosen nursing field before you can join them. 
  • Nurse staffing agencies have become more popular because there aren't enough nurses due to retirements or people leaving their jobs. As a result, many agencies now focus on providing travel nurses to fill these gaps. 
  • Depending on where you work, your first day might involve a thorough orientation or just a quick introduction to the rules and ways of the place. At the start, you might work alongside another nurse for a bit, but you will likely be working on your own quickly. 

What are the key responsibilities of travel nurses in the UK?

1) Giving basic first aid involves helping with wounds by putting on and taking off dressings, giving medicines and shots and preparing IV drips for patients. 

2) Operating medical equipment at your workplace to a good level, following the training you got during your qualifications. 

3) Checking and understanding your patients' condition to figure out the best way to keep treating them. 

4) Being understanding and caring towards your patients, explaining things to them, and making sure they feel as comfortable as they can while you're taking care of them. 

5) Recording basic patient details, like important signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and body temperature. 

6) Giving quick medical help to lots of people during wars or disasters. 

7) Teaching patients and their families how to take care of their health and prevent problems. 

8) Identifying and helping patients who are very sick and need immediate attention. 

9) Working in jobs for about eight to thirteen weeks in the UK or one to two years in other countries. 

10) Working together with doctors to create a care plan. 

What is the average salary of travel nurses in the UK? 

The salary for travel nurses will vary based on experience and location. They change a lot of locations. One day week they might be work in London and next week they could be in Birmingham. On average travel nurses make about £28,822 a year. This amount can vary depending on the agency they work for and how experienced you are as a nurse. This can also vary depending on individual circumstances and terms of the employment contract. 

Travel nursing offers nurses various perks like higher pay and benefits, such as: 

  • Bonuses 
  • Retirement plans 
  • Helping to get passports and work visas. 
  • Competitive pay 
  • Choice of location 
  • Travel reimbursement 
  • Choosing the hours or shifts to work 
  • Helping to get passports or work visas 
  • Free housing 
  • Healthcare, dental, and vision benefits 

What are the benefits of being a travel nurse in UK? 

Being a travel nurses in the UK have lots of benefits. Some of the key benefits are listed below, 

a) Lots of nurses who like the idea of traveling get happy about the chance to visit new places when they're working. 

b) Hospitals and clinics really need travel nurses so they will be happy to pay them. So travel nurses get paid more than regular nurses. 

c) Travel nurses in UK don’t have to stress about where they stay while they are on an assignment. Either they will provide a free house for a nurse, or they can choose the accommodation. 

d) A travel nurse in UK can decide when and where they want to work. If they prefer to spend some time with their family, they can plan vacations around their nursing assignments. 

e) Lots of travel nurses are amazed at how they improve and change because of traveling. They can also learn new things, explore new cultures, and try to meet different people. The more you travel the better you will get handling all sorts of situations. 

f) Travel nurses can do better networking by choosing their profession. They can work with lots of healthcare professionals who have different backgrounds and specialities. Building a strong network can help you in the future. 

g) Travel nurses will get professional development by choosing their careers. They will get an opportunity to work in different types of hospitals and clinics. 

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