Hobbies and Interests


Most people have hobbies/interests which they enjoy. They enable us to "switch off" and enjoy a sport or interest. I once attended a display of "Surgeons' Hobbies" in London. Quite inspiring as you can imagine. There are so many choices in this generation. I met up with a member of staff in a retirement centre recently who was prescriptively preparing for her retirement. One part of that plan was to master one or two hobbies and sports. "Being prepared" is the motto of the famous Scouts Movement. It can be a good guide for us all.

Thus encouraging and supporting folks in their senior years to have ongoing interests and hobbies can be very encouraging to them. Enabling folks to attend the U3A [University of the Third Age] events can also be a good plan. There is such a variety of interests in the U3A programmes something to suit everybody. Thus any assistance or inspiration given to residents in Care Centres can be enriching for them.

Motivation is a keyword. You can use your creativity to bring a new dimension into the lives of a resident thus inspiring them to develop a skill, hobby or interest. Have recently met folk in their senior years that have active hobbies. They are people with a purpose and interest. One friend whose wife passed away, established a charity to help youngsters with their education in an Asian country, This has given him a wonderful new focus over the past couple of decades.

Encourage creativity...